Dynamic stretching versus plyometric push up training on upper body performance in cricketers





dynamic stretching, plyometric push up, upper body performance.


Background: The cricketers may enhance their upper-body performance through dynamic stretching and plyometric push-up training. For tasks specific to cricket, plyometric push-up training promotes explosive strength and power, while dynamic stretching enhances flexibility, muscle activation, and coordination.

Objective: To compare the effects of dynamic stretching and plyometric push-ups on upper body performance tests in cricketers.

Methodology: A randomized control trial was conducted in which initially n=22 cricketers were enrolled.  Out of them, two participants dropped out of the study after two weeks due to which a total number of n=20 participants participated in the six-week study. Participants were divided into two groups, one group performed upper body dynamic stretching exercises along with their usual warm-up routine and the other group did plyometric push-ups along with some variation of exercises. They performed the exercises for three days a week on alternate days. Upper body fitness tests were performed, i.e. one arm tests, Upper quadrant Y- y-balance test, and Medicine ball throw tests every week to gather data regarding participants' upper body fitness.

Results: there was no significant difference (p≥0.05) between the groups from the baseline to the 6th week in all variables except in upper quadrant Y balance tests left hand showed significant improvement (p=0.01) at the end of the 6th week. While in the one-arm hop test was not comparable at baseline due to a significant difference, so compared the mean of mean difference, which was also not statistically significant (4.18±0.79 vs 4.03±0.67, p=0.65).

Conclusion: The study concludes that both dynamic stretching and plyometric push-up exercises showed equal effects upper body performance among cricketers.

Keywords: dynamic stretching; plyometric push-up; upper body performance.

ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT05516706 

Author Biographies

Mahnoor Shaukat, Maroof International Hospital Islamabad Pakistan

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Anam Aftab, M. Islam Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences

Principal/Associate Professor

Aisha Amin , M.Islam Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences

Vice Principal/Assistant Professor

Shafaq Altaf , Department of Rehabilitation Sciences Shifa Tameer e Millat University Islamabad Pakistan/School of Rehabilitation, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Assistant Professor/PhD Scholar










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