Comparative effects of Backward walking training and standing balance training on balance and risk of fall among parkinson patients.




backward walking, balance, berge balance scale, parkinson's disease


Background: balance and risk of falls are common problems among People with Parkinson's disease (PD) which compromise their functional independence and quality of life. Various rehabilitation protocols are being used for these patients. 

Objective: To determine the effectiveness of backward walking training (BWT) and standing balance training (SBT) on balance, and risk of falls among Parkinson's patients.

Methodology: A randomized controlled trial was conducted at General Hospital Lahore from June 2020 to March 2021. The Parkinson's Patients of stage 3 or 4 of lower extremity on Brunnstrom motor recovery and the ability to walk 14 m with or without a walking aid or orthosis were included in the study. The Berg Balance Scale was used to evaluate the balance and fall risk. Group A (n=15) received backward walking training and Group B (n=15), standing balance training. The participants were assessed at the baseline, after the 6th week, and after 12 weeks of intervention. 

Results: The mean age of participants was 50.03+8.36 years. A total of n=17 participants were male while 13 were female. The result showed that group A received backward walking training (BWT) had a significantly large mean difference (22.13+-2.35 vs., 95%CI (1.64,6.22) in BSS score as compared to group B received standing balance training (SBT).

Conclusion: The study concluded that standing balance training and backward walking training both are effective, but backward walking training is more effective in improving balance and the risk of falls in Parkinson's patients.

Author Biographies

Muhammad Umar Jamil, Sadiq Physical Therapy Center Lahore

Junior Physical Therapist 

Aamir Latif, Nawaz Sharif Medical Complex Lahore


Sameen Saeed, Hameed Latif Medical College Lahore

Senior Lecturer 

Shah Salman, sunrise PT center for disabled children Lahore

Physical therapist

Sharal Nayyer, Sadiq Physical Therapy Center Lahore

Junior Physical Therapist 










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